Mathematics Of Coronavirus Infection, Without Understanding How The World Can Be Destroyed

Almost all the countries of the world are struggling with the corona infection epidemic these days. In most countries everything is closed ie Lockdown, but the actual round of this global epidemic named Corona virus will start only after the lockdown is over. The crisis of corona virus infection is really a simple math question that is afraid of mere sight and no one is trying to solve it. To find the right solution to any question in mathematics, it is important to understand the question with a cold mind. If this is not done and the question is taken lightly, then there is a possibility of answering the question incorrectly.

The problem of corona virus infection is like a question of simple mathematical exponent. We have to understand how a small number can be transformed into such a large number. Corona virus is also rapidly increasing or spreading its numbers. To understand more easily the relationship between the corona virus expansion and the question of exponent, one can recall the story of the king of India who decided that he would give some reward to the inventor of the game of chess.

The king called the inventor of Shataranj in his court and asked for the reward. The inventor of chess said that if you want to give something, then give wheat equivalent to only 64 squares on the chess board. Just keep the wheat for these tables in such a way that the wheat kept for the first table gets doubled in the next square. For example, if one kilogram of wheat is given in the first quartet, then two kilograms are given in the second i.e. two, four in the third and eight kilos in the fourth. In this way, wheat should be given equal to all the 64 squares of chess.

The king first felt that the inventor of chess had asked for a very nominal reward, then he thought so much that he is offering a rewarding prize that will give him a big name. He called his servants with great simplicity and said, for the 64 Chaukhano of Shataranj, wheat should be given in the way it is being told. But the king’s servants were terrified to hear the moves of the chess inventor. He said that even if the wheat of the state and the neighboring states is collected, it will be difficult to give wheat, because by the time of 64 chess, they will need 90 trillion kg of wheat. Like this story, the leaders of the countries of the world are taking decisions after seeing the cases of corona infection and according to the exponent they are unable to estimate the number of increasing cases of corona.

Actually Corona is blaming China for hiding the real number of cases but the important thing is that in two months 80 thousand cases were giving enough warning to increase like exponent but nobody paid any attention to the figures and Do not take any positive positive steps. Similarly, note that 15 cases of corona infection were reported locally in the US on 26 February. These cases reached more than 4.5 lakh by 9 April i.e. in six weeks. This was also when there were lockdown conditions in the entire country.

Similarly, new cases are coming up constantly. There is no indication yet when the virus infection will stop. It is possible that the current ongoing lockdown may have reduced the rate of corona infection, but the thing to keep in mind is that the trend of increasing the frequency of the virus could not be stopped.

The right to prevent the spread or spread of virus infection can be considered only when there is no single person who can spread this infection in the environment. Just pay attention to this equation that if health facilities are sufficient, then new cases should be overcome. That is, if new cases are not increasing in equal numbers, then in such a situation, the number of people who die of Corona infection can be 30 lakh.

If you want to prevent the whole population from getting infected by stopping the case of coronas like exponent, then healthy people will have to stop going to the infected people with immediate effect. The survival time of the corona virus is considered to be 14 days, so I say that if all the people remain pre-isolated for four to six weeks and completely eliminate the possibility of infection. Being isolated from the former means that if a person does not come out for any reason. Do not purchase any kind of household material, complete ban on exit and no necessary work. This has happened in China if someone is infected and undergoing treatment, he will be discharged from the hospital only when he is completely free of corona virus.

Currently there are only two conditions for us. If everyone in the world becomes infected, then the cycle of virus infection will end. In such a situation, the imagination of the dead is frightening. Another situation is that there will be a lockdown of 4 to 6 weeks in the entire world. This will give a big blow to the global economy. Today the situation is that every country is thinking about ending the lockdown, seeing that there is a decrease in cases of corona infection.

In such a situation, my question is that if the corona cases are only 15 to 4.5 lakhs in just six weeks, then how can the lockdown be removed if there are only 100 new cases. This means that our human brain is still unable to understand infection like exponent of corona virus. All these things mean that we have not learned anything in the past. Especially since that time which has passed only two months ago.

All countries have announced the dates for removal of lockdown. On the contrary they should say that when new cases stop coming, the lockdown will be opened after two weeks. Once new cases start appearing, we will once again adopt a lockdown measure. In this way, in opening and closing the lockdown, we will also lose millions of lives and will have to suffer financial loss.

How long will this last? The question is whether we could not save the lives of people by locking them together in all the countries of the world? So, would it be right that instead of incurring financial loss again and again, we should take economic loss only once? At least after that we will not have to bear financial and loss of life.

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